Hélène Lévé, pou Papa Bondeyé

Written and directed by Travis Weekes, Hélène Lévé​ Pou Papa Bondeye employs several St. Lucian cultural forms and figures to inspire youth to fight for hope and positive change in St. Lucia amidst a period of social and political decline.  Using the St. Lucian folk storyteller tradition of call and response, Hélène Lévé relates the tale of Hélène, and her children. 

Hélène, the central figure, is in a state of depression and despair as the story begins. Her husband has died and consequently  Hélène's children are lost and caught up in a life of crime and recklessness, divided by and polarized by the forces of good and evil.  Hélène is called upon by a Christian Chorus to summon her strength and courage in the fight against the evil influences that seek to entrap her children. The forces of evil are symbolized by the figure of Papa Diable and the masqueraders. 

​In a spectacular display of colour and stylized movement, the clash of good and evil climaxes and Hélène is brought to her feet by the positive energies. The forces of evil are defeated and  
Hélène embraces her children in triumph and joy. 

Hélène Lévé Pou Papa Bondeyé was performed by K-12 students at Mindoo Philips Park to celebrate the 30th anniversary of St. Lucia’s independence.