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Kennedy 'Boots' Samuel

Eric Branford, St. Lucia Archaeological & Historical Society

Judith & John Verity, Mango Beach Inn

Sandra Maylor, 24-Hour Car Rental, Sans Souci

Carl Beviere

Milton 'Junior' Branford

Darrel Montrope, Ministry of Tourism

Colin Hunte, Villa Beach Cottages

Erica Adams, SMFA

Rainforest Hideaway Restaurant, Marigot Bay

Merlyn Compton, Casa Del Vega, Vigie

David & Wanda Wallace, Nature's Paradise

Capella at Marigot Bay

Oasis Marigot

Chateau Mygo

Leanne Haynes, PhD

Chef Harry, The Green Parrot

The St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce

St. Lucia Hotel & Tourist Association

​MJI International Hotel, Rodney Bay

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