West Indian Literature: Selections


----- Aime Cesaire ( by and about) -----

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​ ​ ------POETRY ------​

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------West Indian Literary Journals on paper and online------

Anthurium: A Caribbean Studies Journal www.anthurium.miami.edu. Published from the University of Miami, debuted online in 2003. Appears roughly twice per year.
ARC: Art, Recognition, Culture. www.arcthemagazine.com. Caribbean Art & Culture, sharing the work of both emerging and established artists.
Calabash: A Journal of Caribbean Arts and Letters (www.nyu.edu/calabash). Based at New York University. Started in 2000. Founding Editor: Jacqueline Bishop. Editor: Gerard Aching.
Caribbean Beat: The Magazine of The True Caribbean. Published since 1992 by Media and Editorial Projects Ltd (MEP), it is the leading magazine on Caribbean and West Indian arts, culture and society. The inflight magazine of Caribbean Airways. (formerly BWIA).
Caribbean Quarterly 1949-. Edited by Director of Extra Mural Studies, UWI, Mona, Jamaica.
​ The Caribbean Review of Books (CRB). Edited by Nicholas Laughlin. www.caribbeanreviewofbooks.com.
​ The Caribbean Writer 1987-. Published by the University of the Virgin Islands.
Caribbeing. www.caribbeing.com. ìBuilding community through the lens of Caribbean cinema & art.
The Journal of West Indian Literature 1986 -. Edited & published by Dept. of Lit. in English, UWI.
Repeating Islands. www.repeatingislands.com
Small Axe: A Caribbean Journal of Criticism . Editor: David Scott (1958-). Associate Editors: Anthony Bogues, Nadi Edwards, Annie Paul.
The Starving Artist Project. http://starvingartistproject.com. A creative platform for Caribbean art.
​ Tongues of the Ocean www.tonguesoftheocean.org. Poetry journal based in the Bahamas. Launched in 2009. Edited by poet and playwright Nicolette Bethel. Three issues annually.
The Trinidad and Tobago Review (formerly Tapia), beginning publication in 1969, has regularly published poetry, prose and reviews of Caribbean Literature. Among its writers have been Derek Walcott, Kamau Brathwaite, Gordon Rohlehr, Ian McDonald, Kenneth Ramchand. It was edited for many years by the late Lloyd Best (1934-2007). Published by the Trinidad and Tobago Institute of the West Indies.
​ WASAFIRI (UK) 1984-. Edited by Susheila Nasta. Published for the Association for the Teaching of Caribbean, African, Asian and Associated Literatures (ATCAL).
Many blogs created by individual writers discuss and review Caribbean Literature and related issues.​​

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